Troy-Bilt Brush Cutter Makes Its Mark

Troy-Bilt Brush Cutter Makes Its Mark

Troy-Bilt brush cutter near a wall It could happen to anyone, really. Our friends came home from vacation to an overgrown backyard, where the grass had grown really tall. In some places, the lawn had grown nearly knee-high, and the yard needed more than just a normal lawn mower to cut it.

That’s when my husband decided to try out the Troy-Bilt brush cutter attachment on their backyard. We wanted to see if this tool could really stand up to thick, tall grass. Here’s what happened…

man in overgrown backyardNormally, our friends have a delightful backyard with lots of trees and flowers. But a long vacation trip, and several rainy days while they were gone, made their yard a real bear when they returned home.

My husband mentioned that Troy-Bilt had recently sent us the TrimmerPlus® Add-On Brushcutter to review. “If any backyard could use this tool, this is it,” he explained.

We decided this yard would make a good test spot, and our friends were happy to agree.

Troy-Bilt cordless starterThis tool uses Troy-Bilt’s JumpStart™ Lithium-Ion Engine Starter, which makes it quick and easy to turn on these tools.

troy-bilt cordless electric starter up closeThis starter works with all the TrimmerPlus attachments, and it’s one of my husband’s favorite aspects of the tool. Forget about pulling a cord to start this machine. This cordless electric starter gives you 25 starts without recharging it.

man with troy-bilt brush cutterIt quickly became apparent that this tool meant business, even though it was cutting thick grass and weeds.

close up of troy-bilt brush cutterThe brush cutter has an 8 inch steel reversible brush blade for heavy weeds and brush. It also has a pro-style straight shaft design that allows for easy trimming under shrubs and low branches.

brush cutter makes a path through grassHere, you can see how the brush cutter is making a path through the tall, dense grass.

man with brush cutterEven our friend wanted to try out the tool to see if it was easy to use. The J-style barrier bar and comfort should strap are included, and make the brush cutter simple to maneuver.

The entire lawn was cut back within an hour.

brush cutter near a fountain and rosesThe brush cutter isn’t a normal tool to use in cutting your grass. But on those rare times, when you need to quickly and easily cut back thick vegetation, it’s a great tool to use.

This brush cutter made short work out of tall grass. It paved the way for the lawn to be finished with the mower. And it won two impressed and loyal fans on a summer afternoon.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, and I am a Saturday6 garden blogger for Troy-Bilt. I was not, however, told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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